Friday, July 10, 2009

Hold the phone...

Couple things today.... has been confirmed that we were infected with swine flu. About 100 people had it here....i have yet to get it tho (knock on wood) Everyone is pretty much good now...and most of the girls have been sent back and are feeling great. But, yes, we had a swine flu infestation here.
2...the weather has been much nicer! It was 78 degrees here and the sun was shinning!!!
3...first session is over in a week and a half. This means more than half of the girls in my bunk will already be leaving me :(

lastly, but not least-ly(ha), I am a little distraught. After spending my ENO (early night at 5:30pm tonight) at dinner with the girls and sipping drinks on the patio of one of the VERY few bars in the tiny town of Waterville, ME.....i realized how i am missing a lot at home. I don't know if anyone else feels this way when they are away from home for a long period of time, but i feel like everything at home is on pause and I will be returning to the same situations i left. I found out after spending part of my evening scanning facebook that this is MOST DEFINETELY not the case. I assumed that getting away from things would clear my head and make it so that when i get home i would be in a totally different mindset. I am thinking i may have been terribly wrong...and it sucks. I cannot think of a better word for just plain s-u-c-k-s. I know this is an experience that is opening my eyes to many things and should be one of the greatest summers ever...but seeing some things that are going on back at home really are...devestating(that seems a bit dramatic, but bare with me.....lack of better words when writing on little to no sleep)....i wish i could go home to what i left...but maybe this is better...i guess we will just have to see....

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  1. More than likely, there is nothing going on at home that can not be recreated in some way. Sure some things may be different, ie new boyfriends etc but you will be able to pick up where YOU left off. There is nothing going on that is earth shattering. Trust me, it feels like a monumental abscence now, but in the big picture it's only a blip! Enjoy your change of scenery and the experiance that your peeps back home were not lucky enough to be a part of!