Sunday, August 9, 2009

Probably the last update from camp...tear

Once again, i have a lot to say and little time to talk about it. This, again, will not be in chronological order, but i will try my best to put everything i want in.

I have been a little upset thinking about leaving. My feelings about this place are a constant roller coaster. For the past few weeks when people have asked if I will be coming back next year, my immediate answer is, "HELL NO!". Lately though, as we are doing final activities and bringing camp into its final days, I cant help but think how much i am going to miss so many of the girls and so many of the staff. Everyone in the staff has gone through hell and back together this year and we all made it through and we all survived swine '09. I have honestly made true friendships with fellow counselors and until today when i was saying an early goodbye to someone, I did not realize how horrible I would feel. It sucks to think i may not see any of the little girls i have spent 7 weeks with again, or see any of the counselors i have spent 9 weeks with again. I am sure my feelings will continue to roller coaster, but I will honestly consider coming back next year if i am invited back.

On a lighter, more ridiculous note, i celebrated my 22nd birthday on Wednesday here. Tuesday night was probably the most fun i have had here, as everyone was determined to make it a blast. Mission accomplished...and then some! We started the evening sending some random woman who had mixed sleeping pills with alcohol at the restaurant to the hospital. This set the tone for the evening, believe it or not. My boss....yes, my BOSS, bought me a few tequilla shots and i bought myself a $10 maragarita (it was totally worth $10, trust me!), and i ended up moving to a different bar and having abotu 5 other "higher-ups" buy me a continuous supply of jello shots, tequilla shots, and mixed drinks i had never even heard of. We then all decided to coem back to camp (in taxi's and drivin by DD's, i promise) and someone came up with the brilliant idea to go skinyn dipping in the lake right next to the girls cabins. Yes, we all stripped down to undies (totally nakie would have been too if we really cared at this point) and we jumped in the lake. Now, when i say we jumped in the lake i mean we CANNON BALLED into the lake. Clearly, the security guard was tipped off that something was going on. All of us in our drunken stuper really thought we could be quiet enough to get him to go away and decided to jump behind a huge rock. Well, unfortunetely for me, the only picture i have stuck in my head from that night is my 45+ in age boss running towards me in tighty-whiteys to hide me behind a rock. Whiel laying behind this rock with my boss i was a little disturbed so i tried to scoot further and further away from him which resulted in me scrapping my entire leg from my two to the top of my thigh down the rock. After teh security guard found us (big surprise, we weren't quiet enough to steer him away) and we found out it was fine because we were all counselors, it was not as fun, so we decided to smoke cigs in a totally non-smoking area. We smoked in the gazeebo right next to the tennis courts directly in the middle of camp. Take note: smoking is ONLY allowed in the staff parking lot abotu a mile away. after we finished our cigs we hid them under tiny rocks....hahah this seems liek a genious plan at the time. I don't remember what all happened after that for the night, but i do remember being thrown in the lake by the guys the following day after lunch. So, yeah....hell of a birthday, eh?

moving right along, we took the trip to the radio station. I took 10 girls to "92 moose" which is Maine's top 40 radio station. I guess because it is the most listened to station around here I assumed it would have a nice building like WNCI at home, but no. It was in a mini-mall behind a laundry mat...but the girls loved it! They put the girls on air and camp heard them and it ended up being a big success! The DJ and i actually know a lot of the same people and he said to keep in touch for after december and he woudl try to get me a job with citadel, another company other than clear channel that could hook me up with a radio job. He emailed me the clip of the girls on air, also, which was posted to the camps website so all the parents got to hear it, as well. :)

Hmm, finally, my last day off is Tuesday. We are planning on going to Bar Harbor which is apparently AMAZING! I cannot wait! I leave Monday and will be heading into MA to see Sarah, my mom, and the boys and i am SO excited!!!!! I will be home Friday, the 20th and plan to sleep in my HUGE QUEEN SIZE BED for days and take a shower in a REAL shower. Ughh....its the little things that i miss....honestly. Cant wait to see you all!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update...a bit delayed

I havn't blogged lately, but I have been making notes about what all I need to mention. This is not going to be in any kind of chronological order, but stuff that should be documented...oh well!

First of all, I have to say how hilarious it is to see the girls reaction to the counselors being dressed up on nights we have off. Last night, Lily and I went to a nice dinner because we had an ENO (early night off) meaning we could leave camp immediately following rotations for the day....5:30. After dinner we decided to get Giffords ice cream (seriously, if you have not had giffords you need to...amazing!) Little did we know that half of camp was surprised after their dinner and they took a field trip to giffords. FML. We get there and as soon as i step out of the car i had about 50 girls attack me and tell me, "You look so FANNNNNCY", "Ally, why are you all dressed up?", "OOOooOOOOO you look so preeeeetttttty". Take note, i was wearing normal capris, a normal shirt, and my hair was down. This was a huge confidence boost until i realized that these girls see me roll out of bed with only enough energy to brush my teeth most days so by me actually wearing clean clothes and wearing my hair down i looked like a totally new person. least the confidence boost lasted a whole 60 seconds.

A funny thing happened yesterday. One of my girls was reading a letter her father had written her. She was walking around the bunk complaining about how she couldn't read her dad's handwriting. Me being the sarcastic person I am (and considering the fact that a lot of girls here have fathers who are doctors) I just said something along the lines of her dad is probably a doctor and most doctors have poor handwriting. She said, very matter-of-factly, "No, my dad's not a doctor, he's a senator. SEE!" And she showed me her fathers stationary....sure enough, senator...maryland. ha. Welcome to the life of a counselor at a JAP (Jewish-American Princess" camp.

Moving right along, Feel free to make the "Whoooomp, whoooomp, whooooomp" noise when reading this first sentence. I WAS broadcasting for a whole day. The "radio fixer upper guy" came into camp to help me fix the equipment and make it work. The owner of the camp had agreed to getting this guy to come to camp, get some better equipment and have him install it for $800. The guy came out one time, did what he could and came back Friday to finish. The owner then decided to renig. The guy then, out of the kindness of his heart, hung around with me to fix the equipment we do have so i can at least broadcast. i spent 3 hours with this guy fixing everything and it worked!!!! Saturday morning i went into the radio hut to begin my first period and complete STATIC over our airwaves. FML. So i am thinking that broadcasting is not gonna work this year. oh well. To try and make up for the disappointment this year of not broadcasting, i scheduled a field trip to the local top 40 radio station, 92 MOOSE, (yes that is really the name ahah) so i am taking 10 girls to a real radio station to get a tour, talk to dj's, and maybe even say a few things on air! haha, sadly, this is exciting.

On a super sad note, We had a staff meeting Tuesday to discuss the death of another camps counselor. Apparently 3 counselors were walking down the street around their camp (Camp very close to us that we do socials and activities with) when a drunk driver hit them. 1 girl, only 21 years old, was killed on impact and the other 2 were hurt. This hit way too close to home and i really have been upset all week because of it. :( heres the link if you want to read about it.

On a lighter note, there is a small girl in my bunk, 10 yrs old obviously. She is so adorable! The reason i bring her up tho is because of her obsession with cookies. We have cookies and milk (we call it cilk and mookies) almost every night after evening activity and the other day she found out that on my bday we get a gynormouse cookie cake. When she ran over to me to confirm that we would, in fact, be having a cookie cake, she jumped about 10 feet in the air and screamed a high pitched scream. Picture a 10 year old that is WAY under height for her age and about the weight of a 5 year old at best jump in the air over cookies. haha....ohhhhh camp. Needless to say, her new nick-name is "cookie".

On the subject of my bday....i am SO sad i will nto be at home to celebrate with all my friends. I have made many friends here with the counselors, butit will still not be the same. My day off is Tuesday and we plan on heading to Portland to do some shopping, then we are all going out Tuesday and Wednesday night to celebrate! The only bad is tradition to throw any counselor in the lake that celebrates their birthday while at camp. So, Wednesday I will be thrown in the discusting lake. YAY (note: sarcasm)

Well, it is getting down to the home-stretch. I am SO excited to be done with camp! I leave camp Aug 17th and will be riding with a friend of mine as close to Sarah's house as possible to see her and the boys, and mom! Mom and I will be flying back to Columbus together. I cannot WAIT to go home. Although I am happy that I got to experience this, I now know that camp atmosphere is just not for me. Hopefully I will have more stories before i leave and will find time to post them. Miss and love you all!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Havn't written in a few days so here is the's going to be a quick entry.

Tomorrow is visiting day, which is the beginning of a horribly busy week. All day tomorrow I am expected to shmooze (sp) parents all day.....not exactly my specialty. I am not big on "shmoozing" anyone....

After that nonsense we begin packing the girls up to leave....well, the ones that are only here for first session (half summer)...which just so happens to be all but 3 of the 11 girls in my bunk. After we pack up and ship out those girls we have to unpack the NEW girls...It is goign to be reallllly sad to see some of these girls leave, but i am excited to get almost an entire new cabin of girls because i feel like i have learned a lot about how to handle different situations in the past 5 weeks or so. After we pack and unpack i will be heading on a bus full of campers to NYC to stay the night in a hotel (WOO HOO) which i am SUPER excited about...mainly because of the fact i get a bed and a shower. Then we come back and have to do an orientation for the new girls and start all over again. Yawn.....i am exhausted thinking about it!

Overall, things are going well. I went out last night with some of the girls (gotta get used to saying that) and had a few drinks. It was nice to get a second of calm before the storm. Nothing really exciting to write about tho :(....hope everyone is well. love u all

Monday, July 13, 2009


I came to camp with many things to try to accomplish. I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but I came to get away from different situations and learn to move on completely and totally. For the most part, i have learned a lot about myself and about moving on and going home with a clean slate. I thank god that there is still over a month to go because there are things I am definitely still struggling with. I was reminded of some of these things when i heard two songs today. Just for kicks, I will add the lyrics below.

Don't think I don't think about it, Darius Rucker

I left out in a cloud of taillights and dust
Swore I wasn't coming back, said I'd had enough
Saw you in the rear view standing fading from my life
But I wasn't turning around, no not this time but

Don't Think I Don't Think About It
Don't think I don't have regrets
Don't think it don't get to me
Between the work and the hurt and the whiskey
Don't think I don't wonder 'bout
Could've been, should'a been all worked out
I know what I felt and I know what i said but
Don't Think I Don't Think About It

When we make choices we gotta live with them
Heard you found a real good man and you married him
I wonder if sometimes I cross your mind
Where would we be today if I never drove that car away

I Still Miss you- Keith Anderson

I've changed the presets in my truck

so those old songs don't sneak up
they still find me and remind me
yeah you come back that easy
try restaurants I've never been to
order new things off the menu
that I never tried cause you didn't like
two drinks in you were by my side

I've talked to friends
I've talked to myself
I've talked to God
I prayed liked hell but I still miss you
I tried sober I tried drinking
I've been strong and I've been weak
and I still miss you
I've done everything move on like I'm supposed to
I'd give anything for one more minute with you
I still miss you
I still miss you baby

I never knew til you were gone
how many pages you were on
it never ends I keep turning
and line after line and you are there again
I dont know how to let you go
you are so deep down in my soul
I feel helpless so hopeless
its a door that never closes
no I don't know how to do this

I've talked to friends
I've talked to myself
I've talked to God
I prayed liked hell but I still miss you
I tried sober I tried drinking
I've been strong and I've been weak
and I still miss you
I've done everything
move on like I'm supposed to
I'd give anything for one more minute with you
I still miss you yeah

I've talked to friends
I've talked to myself
I've talked to God
I prayed liked hell but I still miss you
I tried sober I tried drinking
I've been strong and I've been weak
and I still miss you
I've done everything
move on like I'm supposed to
I'd give anything for one more minute with you
I still miss you yeah

I still miss you
I still miss you...... yeah.... yeah.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hold the phone...

Couple things today.... has been confirmed that we were infected with swine flu. About 100 people had it here....i have yet to get it tho (knock on wood) Everyone is pretty much good now...and most of the girls have been sent back and are feeling great. But, yes, we had a swine flu infestation here.
2...the weather has been much nicer! It was 78 degrees here and the sun was shinning!!!
3...first session is over in a week and a half. This means more than half of the girls in my bunk will already be leaving me :(

lastly, but not least-ly(ha), I am a little distraught. After spending my ENO (early night at 5:30pm tonight) at dinner with the girls and sipping drinks on the patio of one of the VERY few bars in the tiny town of Waterville, ME.....i realized how i am missing a lot at home. I don't know if anyone else feels this way when they are away from home for a long period of time, but i feel like everything at home is on pause and I will be returning to the same situations i left. I found out after spending part of my evening scanning facebook that this is MOST DEFINETELY not the case. I assumed that getting away from things would clear my head and make it so that when i get home i would be in a totally different mindset. I am thinking i may have been terribly wrong...and it sucks. I cannot think of a better word for just plain s-u-c-k-s. I know this is an experience that is opening my eyes to many things and should be one of the greatest summers ever...but seeing some things that are going on back at home really are...devestating(that seems a bit dramatic, but bare with me.....lack of better words when writing on little to no sleep)....i wish i could go home to what i left...but maybe this is better...i guess we will just have to see....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am utterly exhausted.

Ok so i havnt had ANY time to write an update, so here goes...

The past week has been CRAZY with the girls finally arriving and getting situated. I feel like I have spent months with them already. I don't know what all i have told you and what i havnt so i am just going to ramble about everything i can think of to tell you.

There are 11 girls in the cabin and at this point i have begun to see their true colors. One (sammi...purple shirt on the far left sitting down with BIG, BLACK hair) i originally kind of interpreted as a smart ass because she has been here 3 years and literally bosses the other girls around....disregards what we ask of her...and all around got under my skin the first couple of days. I have learned that she means well, though. She does have a hard time listening, but that is all little ones. I have finally gotten to a point where i can understand where she is coming from and work with her.

There was a little girl that was sick (shelby...the TEEEENY TINY one in the all white outfits picture)...probably the cutest little girl i have ever seen. She sleeps under my bunk and a few days ago i woke up at 5:30am to a small pitiful voice saying my name right underneath me. She had gotten sick all over her bed and was shaking. I got her cleaned up, got her to the health center and got her sheets and stuff together for laundry. The Health center is full of kids (ill elaborate on that) so they HAD to send her back down to the bunk where she continued to get sick. This little girl was attached to my hip and i swear, this little girl and i have a bond that is the closest thing i have had to a child without them being family. I felt horrible whenever i had to leave her side even for a second. Shelby is no longer sick though (thank GOD) and is back to her giggly, loud, jumpy little self. Mission accomplished!

Now, we already had the lice, we have swine flu. Over 50 campers/counselors have been secluded and the huge gym has now been turned into an extended infirmary. Technically, we do not have any confirmed cases of swine flu, but what we do have is over 50 girls that have been tested as positive for type A influenza which is a strong indicator of swine flu, especially in the summer. Most of the "specimens" were sent to the state on Wednesday and we were told that we would have results by Friday, but because Maine has so many camps and because it is a holiday weekend and staff is taking monday off also, we will not have the actual "swine flu" tests back until tuesday. We had a staff meeting tonight to discuss everything any we were told that we have all been exposed, so basically, the camp owners are prepared to cover any costs to keep us all healthy. He said if our insurance is not covering treatment, he will. I swear, its like we are in a bubble here and people are dropping like flies. At lunch i will be sitting with 10 girls assigned to my table...and by dinner i am down to 7, and breakfast down to 5. Kinda scary, but it sounds like the owner is doing the best he can to handle everything and the parents are all well informed. Basically, i am in the best bad situation possible.

On a lighter note, my first day off in....i don't know...uhh...forever??? Tuesday! A couple of us are planning on getting off of camp as early as possible (i have been waking up by myself before 7am now) and just staying away!!! I think we will be going to Freeport which has a bunch of outlets and stuff (so i hear). Pray for good weather....

Today was "lazy sunday" which means we had the option of sleeping through breakfast (could sleep until 9 if we wanted). I found that it is physically impossible for me to sleep past 8am now. One amazing thing happened today, though. The sun actually came out! It was absolutely gorgeous!!!! One of the girls i hang out with, Lily, is head of fishing so during an hour of free time today she took a few of us out on the pontoon boat she uses for fishing and we just chilled and listened to music in the middle of the lake. That was honestly the most refreshing thing i have done since i have been here and I cannot wait for another sunny day so we can do it again!

The 4th of July was celebrated here with a little carnival which was fun for the girls. I was disappointed because i was told we would have fireworks and we did not :( so it didnt really feel like the 4th. I was really wishing i could have been home for red white and boom...and cook outs and stuff. That kinda made me a little homesick.....yes, I am 21 and was a bit homesick.

I think that is pretty much the basics. I am really starting to bond with everyone now....the campers and the counselors. It sounds lame but we really have kind of become like a family. With so many being sick we are all looking out for one another and doing all that we can. I am fortunate enough to have dodged the bullet for swine (so far) and lice (so far). The only bug i caught was a virus that causes a bit of a sore throat and my voice has been totally gone for a few days. Nothing big....lets hope it stays that way!!

Ok, i am sorry for all the spelling/grammar mistakes....but it is almost 1am and i am falling asleep!!!! Love and miss you guys....there is the update for now! Happy Anniversary mom and dad!!!! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here goes nuthin...

The campers arrive tomorrow.....(yes, the "...." means i am lingering)

I am SO excited to actually have them here FINALLY....but i am absolutely terrified as well! Everything has been SO hectic here and what they call "quiet" its going to be 10 times more intense and i can barely handle the intensity as it is! I feel a bit more prepared tho...we have done meeting on everything from how to handle a bruised knee, to homesickness, to how to deal with a girl starting her period for the first time, to how to discipline them. I feel prepared, but not ready if that makes any sense. I feel like no training or meeting can prepare me for what is about to happen tomorrow. I pray to god that i am patient, loving, easy-going, and everything that i need to be for these girls. I also hope to teach them something about themselves that they cannot learn from anyone else....i have a lot of things i want to accomplish this summer.

Some funny things happened the past couple of days....i feel they need to be documented. I will put it in chronological order.

Thursday night- I did not plan on going out, but Lily, a girl i hang out with often here, asked me to go over to the boys camp with her for a bonfire because the van that was going there left without her and she didn't want to go alone. I decided that i would go considering thursday and friday were our last nights out for a while. I showered, got ready, then I was informed that there would be abotu 3 other counselors joining us...awessssome (note:sarcasm).
So, we head over to the boys camp, literally abotu 3 mins away. We got bonfire.....just a bunch of boys standing in a parking lot drinking in the dark....again.....awesome. I mingled a bit...but i was exhausted and just wanted to go home. Well, i didn't drive so i was at the mercy of the owner of the car and other passengers as to when we would be leaving, so i sat and waited. The next thing i know, one of the girls who came with us is walking into the woods with one of the boys camp counselors that she had just met. She came back abotu 45 mins after and told us what all she had just done with a complete me, you do not want to know. I decided that i was going to get a way out of there asap because it was just not the kind of place i wanted to be at the time. So i grabbed a ride with other girls that had shown up...went to my bunk...and went to sleep.

Friday- A looooong day getting stuff together and wrapping things up and I decided i would take advantage of our LAST night out for over a week. I went out with the same girls, including the promiscuous one and we joined other staff from the camp at a local bar in waterville. My superiors were there and it was honestly a blast! The girls decided they wanted to go back to the boys camp and i bribed them to drive me back to MY camp. On the way back the promiscuous one started talking about how she had brownies that she brought with weed in she brought her bowl to smoke pot with her...etc....she then proceeded to beg to ride in the trunk on the way home, as we had too many people in the car. I am assuming you are catching my tone of voice while writing this, but it is a "Are you fucking kidding me?" kind of reaction. I finally got back to my bunk and went to sleep.

Saturday morning- (Which let me tell you, did NOT feel like a Saturday) I ran into the promiscuous one and asked her how her night was at the boys camp. She started telling me how she had run off with ANOTHER boy. This is when it really started setting in that thsi girl may have some serious issues.....probably self esteem issues. I was wondering if I should talk to her more to try to get to the root of her issues or if i shoudl totally avoid this other counselor. Before I could decide what was the right choice, there was an announcement in the rec hall. The director has told us many times that he is upfront and honest with us at all times and today he made an announcement. Ms. Promiscuous had been fired because of drug parafinalia (sp). So, i learned a few things.....1- girls are crazy. 2-you reap what you sew. 3- This camp does not screw around. 4- That i am getting older because the entire time that all of this stuff was going on all i could do is think of the more responsible alternative in the situations.

So yeah...that is a recap of the last few days. I am sorry you just wasted 5 mins of your life reading that, but try living it haha. But i should go to sleep....breakfast in 7 hours. I just wanted to be sure and document the past few days.

((i guess i should have mentioned that Ms. Promiscuous is only 19 years old, so she is at an age where she can make mistakes and learn from them, so pray that she does))

Also, If you want to send anything the address is on the previous post but be sure to add my name and Bunk 10C to the first line. Also, email me your address so i can write you letters during our letter time every other day :)

Love you all and miss you all!