Sunday, August 9, 2009

Probably the last update from camp...tear

Once again, i have a lot to say and little time to talk about it. This, again, will not be in chronological order, but i will try my best to put everything i want in.

I have been a little upset thinking about leaving. My feelings about this place are a constant roller coaster. For the past few weeks when people have asked if I will be coming back next year, my immediate answer is, "HELL NO!". Lately though, as we are doing final activities and bringing camp into its final days, I cant help but think how much i am going to miss so many of the girls and so many of the staff. Everyone in the staff has gone through hell and back together this year and we all made it through and we all survived swine '09. I have honestly made true friendships with fellow counselors and until today when i was saying an early goodbye to someone, I did not realize how horrible I would feel. It sucks to think i may not see any of the little girls i have spent 7 weeks with again, or see any of the counselors i have spent 9 weeks with again. I am sure my feelings will continue to roller coaster, but I will honestly consider coming back next year if i am invited back.

On a lighter, more ridiculous note, i celebrated my 22nd birthday on Wednesday here. Tuesday night was probably the most fun i have had here, as everyone was determined to make it a blast. Mission accomplished...and then some! We started the evening sending some random woman who had mixed sleeping pills with alcohol at the restaurant to the hospital. This set the tone for the evening, believe it or not. My boss....yes, my BOSS, bought me a few tequilla shots and i bought myself a $10 maragarita (it was totally worth $10, trust me!), and i ended up moving to a different bar and having abotu 5 other "higher-ups" buy me a continuous supply of jello shots, tequilla shots, and mixed drinks i had never even heard of. We then all decided to coem back to camp (in taxi's and drivin by DD's, i promise) and someone came up with the brilliant idea to go skinyn dipping in the lake right next to the girls cabins. Yes, we all stripped down to undies (totally nakie would have been too if we really cared at this point) and we jumped in the lake. Now, when i say we jumped in the lake i mean we CANNON BALLED into the lake. Clearly, the security guard was tipped off that something was going on. All of us in our drunken stuper really thought we could be quiet enough to get him to go away and decided to jump behind a huge rock. Well, unfortunetely for me, the only picture i have stuck in my head from that night is my 45+ in age boss running towards me in tighty-whiteys to hide me behind a rock. Whiel laying behind this rock with my boss i was a little disturbed so i tried to scoot further and further away from him which resulted in me scrapping my entire leg from my two to the top of my thigh down the rock. After teh security guard found us (big surprise, we weren't quiet enough to steer him away) and we found out it was fine because we were all counselors, it was not as fun, so we decided to smoke cigs in a totally non-smoking area. We smoked in the gazeebo right next to the tennis courts directly in the middle of camp. Take note: smoking is ONLY allowed in the staff parking lot abotu a mile away. after we finished our cigs we hid them under tiny rocks....hahah this seems liek a genious plan at the time. I don't remember what all happened after that for the night, but i do remember being thrown in the lake by the guys the following day after lunch. So, yeah....hell of a birthday, eh?

moving right along, we took the trip to the radio station. I took 10 girls to "92 moose" which is Maine's top 40 radio station. I guess because it is the most listened to station around here I assumed it would have a nice building like WNCI at home, but no. It was in a mini-mall behind a laundry mat...but the girls loved it! They put the girls on air and camp heard them and it ended up being a big success! The DJ and i actually know a lot of the same people and he said to keep in touch for after december and he woudl try to get me a job with citadel, another company other than clear channel that could hook me up with a radio job. He emailed me the clip of the girls on air, also, which was posted to the camps website so all the parents got to hear it, as well. :)

Hmm, finally, my last day off is Tuesday. We are planning on going to Bar Harbor which is apparently AMAZING! I cannot wait! I leave Monday and will be heading into MA to see Sarah, my mom, and the boys and i am SO excited!!!!! I will be home Friday, the 20th and plan to sleep in my HUGE QUEEN SIZE BED for days and take a shower in a REAL shower. Ughh....its the little things that i miss....honestly. Cant wait to see you all!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update...a bit delayed

I havn't blogged lately, but I have been making notes about what all I need to mention. This is not going to be in any kind of chronological order, but stuff that should be documented...oh well!

First of all, I have to say how hilarious it is to see the girls reaction to the counselors being dressed up on nights we have off. Last night, Lily and I went to a nice dinner because we had an ENO (early night off) meaning we could leave camp immediately following rotations for the day....5:30. After dinner we decided to get Giffords ice cream (seriously, if you have not had giffords you need to...amazing!) Little did we know that half of camp was surprised after their dinner and they took a field trip to giffords. FML. We get there and as soon as i step out of the car i had about 50 girls attack me and tell me, "You look so FANNNNNCY", "Ally, why are you all dressed up?", "OOOooOOOOO you look so preeeeetttttty". Take note, i was wearing normal capris, a normal shirt, and my hair was down. This was a huge confidence boost until i realized that these girls see me roll out of bed with only enough energy to brush my teeth most days so by me actually wearing clean clothes and wearing my hair down i looked like a totally new person. least the confidence boost lasted a whole 60 seconds.

A funny thing happened yesterday. One of my girls was reading a letter her father had written her. She was walking around the bunk complaining about how she couldn't read her dad's handwriting. Me being the sarcastic person I am (and considering the fact that a lot of girls here have fathers who are doctors) I just said something along the lines of her dad is probably a doctor and most doctors have poor handwriting. She said, very matter-of-factly, "No, my dad's not a doctor, he's a senator. SEE!" And she showed me her fathers stationary....sure enough, senator...maryland. ha. Welcome to the life of a counselor at a JAP (Jewish-American Princess" camp.

Moving right along, Feel free to make the "Whoooomp, whoooomp, whooooomp" noise when reading this first sentence. I WAS broadcasting for a whole day. The "radio fixer upper guy" came into camp to help me fix the equipment and make it work. The owner of the camp had agreed to getting this guy to come to camp, get some better equipment and have him install it for $800. The guy came out one time, did what he could and came back Friday to finish. The owner then decided to renig. The guy then, out of the kindness of his heart, hung around with me to fix the equipment we do have so i can at least broadcast. i spent 3 hours with this guy fixing everything and it worked!!!! Saturday morning i went into the radio hut to begin my first period and complete STATIC over our airwaves. FML. So i am thinking that broadcasting is not gonna work this year. oh well. To try and make up for the disappointment this year of not broadcasting, i scheduled a field trip to the local top 40 radio station, 92 MOOSE, (yes that is really the name ahah) so i am taking 10 girls to a real radio station to get a tour, talk to dj's, and maybe even say a few things on air! haha, sadly, this is exciting.

On a super sad note, We had a staff meeting Tuesday to discuss the death of another camps counselor. Apparently 3 counselors were walking down the street around their camp (Camp very close to us that we do socials and activities with) when a drunk driver hit them. 1 girl, only 21 years old, was killed on impact and the other 2 were hurt. This hit way too close to home and i really have been upset all week because of it. :( heres the link if you want to read about it.

On a lighter note, there is a small girl in my bunk, 10 yrs old obviously. She is so adorable! The reason i bring her up tho is because of her obsession with cookies. We have cookies and milk (we call it cilk and mookies) almost every night after evening activity and the other day she found out that on my bday we get a gynormouse cookie cake. When she ran over to me to confirm that we would, in fact, be having a cookie cake, she jumped about 10 feet in the air and screamed a high pitched scream. Picture a 10 year old that is WAY under height for her age and about the weight of a 5 year old at best jump in the air over cookies. haha....ohhhhh camp. Needless to say, her new nick-name is "cookie".

On the subject of my bday....i am SO sad i will nto be at home to celebrate with all my friends. I have made many friends here with the counselors, butit will still not be the same. My day off is Tuesday and we plan on heading to Portland to do some shopping, then we are all going out Tuesday and Wednesday night to celebrate! The only bad is tradition to throw any counselor in the lake that celebrates their birthday while at camp. So, Wednesday I will be thrown in the discusting lake. YAY (note: sarcasm)

Well, it is getting down to the home-stretch. I am SO excited to be done with camp! I leave camp Aug 17th and will be riding with a friend of mine as close to Sarah's house as possible to see her and the boys, and mom! Mom and I will be flying back to Columbus together. I cannot WAIT to go home. Although I am happy that I got to experience this, I now know that camp atmosphere is just not for me. Hopefully I will have more stories before i leave and will find time to post them. Miss and love you all!