Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here goes nuthin...

The campers arrive tomorrow.....(yes, the "...." means i am lingering)

I am SO excited to actually have them here FINALLY....but i am absolutely terrified as well! Everything has been SO hectic here and what they call "quiet" its going to be 10 times more intense and i can barely handle the intensity as it is! I feel a bit more prepared tho...we have done meeting on everything from how to handle a bruised knee, to homesickness, to how to deal with a girl starting her period for the first time, to how to discipline them. I feel prepared, but not ready if that makes any sense. I feel like no training or meeting can prepare me for what is about to happen tomorrow. I pray to god that i am patient, loving, easy-going, and everything that i need to be for these girls. I also hope to teach them something about themselves that they cannot learn from anyone else....i have a lot of things i want to accomplish this summer.

Some funny things happened the past couple of days....i feel they need to be documented. I will put it in chronological order.

Thursday night- I did not plan on going out, but Lily, a girl i hang out with often here, asked me to go over to the boys camp with her for a bonfire because the van that was going there left without her and she didn't want to go alone. I decided that i would go considering thursday and friday were our last nights out for a while. I showered, got ready, then I was informed that there would be abotu 3 other counselors joining us...awessssome (note:sarcasm).
So, we head over to the boys camp, literally abotu 3 mins away. We got bonfire.....just a bunch of boys standing in a parking lot drinking in the dark....again.....awesome. I mingled a bit...but i was exhausted and just wanted to go home. Well, i didn't drive so i was at the mercy of the owner of the car and other passengers as to when we would be leaving, so i sat and waited. The next thing i know, one of the girls who came with us is walking into the woods with one of the boys camp counselors that she had just met. She came back abotu 45 mins after and told us what all she had just done with a complete me, you do not want to know. I decided that i was going to get a way out of there asap because it was just not the kind of place i wanted to be at the time. So i grabbed a ride with other girls that had shown up...went to my bunk...and went to sleep.

Friday- A looooong day getting stuff together and wrapping things up and I decided i would take advantage of our LAST night out for over a week. I went out with the same girls, including the promiscuous one and we joined other staff from the camp at a local bar in waterville. My superiors were there and it was honestly a blast! The girls decided they wanted to go back to the boys camp and i bribed them to drive me back to MY camp. On the way back the promiscuous one started talking about how she had brownies that she brought with weed in she brought her bowl to smoke pot with her...etc....she then proceeded to beg to ride in the trunk on the way home, as we had too many people in the car. I am assuming you are catching my tone of voice while writing this, but it is a "Are you fucking kidding me?" kind of reaction. I finally got back to my bunk and went to sleep.

Saturday morning- (Which let me tell you, did NOT feel like a Saturday) I ran into the promiscuous one and asked her how her night was at the boys camp. She started telling me how she had run off with ANOTHER boy. This is when it really started setting in that thsi girl may have some serious issues.....probably self esteem issues. I was wondering if I should talk to her more to try to get to the root of her issues or if i shoudl totally avoid this other counselor. Before I could decide what was the right choice, there was an announcement in the rec hall. The director has told us many times that he is upfront and honest with us at all times and today he made an announcement. Ms. Promiscuous had been fired because of drug parafinalia (sp). So, i learned a few things.....1- girls are crazy. 2-you reap what you sew. 3- This camp does not screw around. 4- That i am getting older because the entire time that all of this stuff was going on all i could do is think of the more responsible alternative in the situations.

So yeah...that is a recap of the last few days. I am sorry you just wasted 5 mins of your life reading that, but try living it haha. But i should go to sleep....breakfast in 7 hours. I just wanted to be sure and document the past few days.

((i guess i should have mentioned that Ms. Promiscuous is only 19 years old, so she is at an age where she can make mistakes and learn from them, so pray that she does))

Also, If you want to send anything the address is on the previous post but be sure to add my name and Bunk 10C to the first line. Also, email me your address so i can write you letters during our letter time every other day :)

Love you all and miss you all!


  1. HAHAHA that sounds like an awesome time! pssshhh

    Oh and it's "reap what you sow" I wouldn't be me if I didn't correct someone's grammar. hehe

  2. Ha that's great! I was looking at that line "reap what you sew" and could not figure out what was off...... you know, you can spell check your entries, it wouldn't have picked up "sew," but would have corrected "shoudl"

    What's funny is that last week I was at the beach with all the boys and NY's mom pulled out all these letters that his brothers wrote from camp. Of course she couldn't find his -he is a middle child- but he was telling me how when he went to sleep away camp they MADE all the kids write letters. You had to hand one in. He said that one of his letters that she found from when he was 8 or 9 said something like:

    Dear Mom,
    I don't really have anything to say, but they make us write letters anyway. Please send more cookies.
    Love your son, 'NY'