Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hiking day email to mom and sis

So today was the oh-so-wonderful "Team bonding adventure hike". As you know, I am the furthest thing from physically fit and...i am head of radio....i am NOT head of anything athletic because i do not claim to be athletic. Also, take into consideration the fact that i just recently quit smoking. Well today was a two mile hike up a mountain, and a two mile hike back down the mountain. Maybe I am just ignorant to what a normal hike is like, but this was not a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. This hike included rock climbing...vertical slants....90 degree angles, people! Needless to say I think the smoking and the "acute asthma" that Dr. Kageorge rold me i had when i was younger caught up to me and I had something similar to, if not, a full blown asthma attack. I have to mention that even though i had some weird breathing issue and i am totally out of shape....i was NOT the last in the line of about 19 people.....i was about...ehh...11? Well, anyways...so I am walking and I am determined to stay "with the pack" and I am breathing so loud my throat is making a squeaking sound (i later found out this is commonly known as wheezing). When one of the guys started to gain on me he heard my breathing and told me to sit down....then it all went down hill. The more i tried to breathe, the less air i was getting which would make me panic and made it worse. so i sat for a bit....they brought me an inhaler (yep, i am officially the nerd with the inhaler) and i took a few breaks and made it up the damn mountain. We ate lunch at the top and talked about leadership skills and enjoyed the gorgeous view (pictures will come when i find someone with a cord to hook my camera up) and started down the mountain. Well, of course, I was the dumb ass that tripped and gashed my knee on a rock...but I kept truckin' until i realized blood was running into my sock. I grabbed a napkin out of my backpack and continued down the path like a champ!

So that was the hike....an all day adventure....and now i am exhausted, sore, and not looking forward to the aches and pains that will be full blown tomorrow. I cleaned up my knee a bit, got a shower in and now I am waiting for 6pm dinner followed by game night because the other counselors arrived today and we need MORE team bonding apparently. Tomorrow we have to put on a skit and make fools of ourselves for the new counselors (which i am excited about...now it feels like home!). The sun finally came out and now it is scorching hot in the cabins....apparently there is not happy medium with temperature when you are in a cabin. I should be moving into my REAL cabin within the next few days which means I will finally be able to settle in!

Anyways...I was texting with Ruth (jimmys mom) today and she said that Jimmy started chemo today which means he should be heading home in the next couple of days so keep your prayers goin and fingers crossed for him!!!

Love you all!!! Miss you all!!! Keep me updated on what all of YOU are up too, as well!!! email, text, or comment!!!

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