Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New email to mom and sis....enjoy...

Sorry i havn't written lately!!! Here is the update:

My radio shit is STILL not hooked up and campers get here Sunday....I have talked to everyone possible and they keep saying they will take care of it, but I am beginning to get a little frustrated! I guess last year the transmitter broke as well as the PA system SO radio BLEW last year. They said it will probably be the same this year which means no one will hear the "shows" that the girls learn to produce so it's pointless. Super aggravating! I figured worst case scenario I will have the girls do fun bits (like maxwell used to make me do) and make a podcast to put on the camps website.

We find out tomorrow what age we will be bunking with as well as what days off we will have! I put in for Juniors (8-10), and Inters (11-13) so cross your fingers i get one of the two! The only age group i opted out of was 14 and 15 year olds.....basically because i know how much of a terror i was at 14 and 15 and i don't want to have to deal with that haha (sorry mom!! haha) I guess the older girls get to do more tho. Inters and Seniors(14-15) get to do the socials and go white water rafting...juniors have to have lights out at like 8 and only get to go "fun-yaking" which doesn't particularly sound like something i want to be a part of haha. I am hoping to get an early night off followed by a day off so I can take a trip to Boston (sarah, you better meet up with me!!) and sight see and get a hotel room so i can actually sleep in a BED and take a shower in a REAL shower!

We went to Portland today.....it was actually really cool! There are little shops all over the place and the piers so there were boats all over the place. Too bad i don't like seafood or else i would have been in seafood heaven! They have FRESH lobster (which i heard was amazing) and pretty much anything else you can think of straight out of the water.

I talked to Ruth (Jimmy's mom) today while i was in town and she said JIMMY IS HOME! He got home on Fathers day! If i remember correctly, she said he only has 3 chemo treatments left!!!!! So keep him in your prayers for a continued recovery!

I still am not (technically) home-sick. I do miss everyone from home and wonder what all my friends/family are doing....i feel like i am missing out on a lot, esp the nice weather! I am even missing SHANE, haha...who ever thought that day would come? It serrrrriously feels like i have been gone for at least a month...its weird! I hope once the girls get here that time goes quicker because i feel like every day is 3 days here!!! Our schedules are literally mapped out by the minute...7:50 flag raising, 8:00 breakfast, 8:30- meeting, 8:45- dept time.....i swear, that is how our ENTIRE day is mapped out....with a few 15 min breaks. Doing laundry and taking showers seems to be the hardest part of it all! By the time we get done for the day (which could be anywhere from 7-11:30) I am wiped out! It is funny because today was a "sleep in" day since we got a day off and i woke up at 8:45 and felt like i slept until 2pm! I am enjoying the BEAUTIFUL scenery, although i am NOT enjoying the horrible cold, rainy weather.

Anyways, that is the update! I have a feeling that free time will start to diminish once the girls get here so I will have to write in my journal and post it all after the fact! Hope all is well back at homeeee (and in MA, sar!) !!! miss you ....PLEASE....e-mail, comment, write me a letter, whatever!!!! I need some lovin'!!!

Mailing address for now
Camp Matoaka
One great place
Smithfield, ME 04978


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